Consulting / Support Services

Whatever your Sage Pastel Accounting and IT needs - we have you covered!

We offer the following services:



We assist our clients from the scoping phase through setup, testing and go live, to “DO IT RIGHT”



We have a helpdesk to assist with simple questions telephonically, or our consultants can come to your premises (on-site) or work remotely with more advanced types of consulting.


Data Fixing:

For the occasions when you have an unplanned power outage or Eskom’s loadshedding has created havoc with your financials.


Payroll Integration:

We can setup integration between Payroll and Partner, Xpress and Evolution Standard.  If you need integration with Evolution Premium, we can write an integration report for you, using SIC (Sage Intelligence Centre)


Forms Design:

We can format standard document layouts to give your unique look.


Report Writing:

Our consultants can write many Sage Intelligence Centre reports which are specific to your company.  We have experienced report writers to design a report specific to your needs.



Need something specifically customised for your accounting software? Speak to us and we will customise it to your individual needs.

On-site Support

Expert support to keep your business running

On site support is a service where we would send a consultant to your premises on a fixed monthly schedule or on an ad hoc basis. Our consultants are there to help with any issues that have been identified. If the consultant is on a fixed monthly visit, their duty will also include any proactive maintenance needed to keep things in order. Ad-hoc visits are usually done on a reaction basis, and involves a consultant being called out to assist with an immediate problem.


Booking your support:

Preferred Solutions has  four offices (Somerset West, Bellville, Kimberley and Pretoria), all with Job Coordinators who specifically deal with assigning consultants to specific jobs. The coordinators will book the earliest available time with the consultant to visit you at your premises. Once the call is logged, our consultants will be able to come out and do the needed work. We also have an online booking form (see "Request Support" tab above) which will go straight through to the relevant coordinator. All previously booked work takes preference so if a consultant is already booked with another client, they will need to complete that job first. If there is a consultant available, then help will be immediately available. Travel time will also need to be taken into consideration when booking a visit.

Remote Support

Support for smaller problems or over longer distances

Remote support, this is especially helpful if our clients are situated far away and require immediate assistance. We can connect to our clients pc’s either with programs such as TeamViewer or Ammyy admin. We have a remote monitoring system in place as well, which is very good at pro-active monitoring. This program also allows us to connect to our clients computers to work remotely at sorting out any issues.

Getting Remote Support

In order to get remote support you either need to fill out the form here or call our Helpdesk on 021 945 1279. Our team will then assist you with your problem, or schedule a suitable time with you to log in remotely to your computer in order to fix the problem. Should the problem not be able to be fixed remotely, the consultant will communicate this to you and you can then agree to send out a consultant to sort out the problem on-site.

Service Level Agreements

Why be reactive when you can be proactive?

Having a SLA gives you the peace of mind knowing that any maintenance done by Preferred Solutions will be with a view of identifying future problems before they become more serious at a later stage. You get to choose the amount of time and the frequency of the onsite visits. Our specialised consultants will be on hand during the visit to solve any product related problems, as well as to do their proactive maintenance. Other benefits include priority support and knowing you have a fixed monthly fee as opposed to a large bill for sorting out an issue that could have been identified at an earlier point. From an IT perspective, we can do remote monitoring, free remote support, detailed hardware audits and reports. The remote monitoring is done in real time.


Our areas of expertise include:
  1. Sage Pastel Partner
  2. Sage Pastel Payroll
  3. Sage Evolution
  4. IT infrastructure
  5. IT Software
  6. IT Networking
  7. IT Hardware

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Why Use Us?

We offer you the best, by being the best

  • Our consultants write yearly exams to remain certified to support the various products.
  • These exams cover new modules and functionality, as well as the new tax tables and SARS regulations and requirements.
  • We have an extensive in-house training program, which varies from onsite training (actual visits to clients), to simulated errors, issues and problems.  This ensures that we have a continuity plan in place, so that key skills are not resident in only a single resource, but rather shared amongst all our consultants.
  • We have a dedicated helpdesk to assist you with smaller, less urgent problems.
  • On-site and remote consulting for more urgent or serious problems/challenges requiring expert attention.


How to install and use TeamViewer

Download Teamviewer Here

Step 1: Download the TeamViewer Software from the link above.
Step 2: Once TeamViewer has finished downloading, double-click the TeamViewer installer to begin. The window should open automatically. Should a dialog box appear asking for permission, click Run.
Step 3: On the console, there will be information for Your ID and Password. You need to give this information to the consultant who will be accessing your computer remotely. The consultant will then use this information to access your computer for the work required to be done.
Step 4: There will be a notification on the bottom right corner of your screen that a TeamViewer session is active. Do not close this program or try to work on the computer while the consultant is busy doing work on it remotely.

It will be normal to see on your screen exactly what work is being done by the consultant, sometimes it is a great learning curve to observe.

Should you have any difficulty with installing or using TeamViewer, please contact the consultant assisting you or phone us during office hours on 021 840 2620.