The best technology to manage your warehouse management processes with barcoding technology

An overview of GraniteWMS

Keep an eagle-eye view on all your warehouse activity

Preferred Solutions offers specialized software for our clients in order to control their warehouse management process with incredible precision and ease. GraniteWMS is simple to implement, simple to use, incredibly powerful and uses the best technology available to make it scalable, easy to maintain and support.  This all contributes to a best of breed product at the right price point.

GraniteWMS Warehouse Management System recognises the requirement for a simple barcode-based warehouse management system that integrates seamlessly with Sage 200 Evolution and expands on and exposes warehouse operations and processes of the ERP. GraniteWMS helps companies manage their warehouses through a lean barcode driven warehouse execution and management system.

Have a look at the comprehensive video overview to see the power of Granite WMS.

Main Features and Benefits include:

Cost-effective solution

Most warehouse management systems cost millions. These systems have their place in corporate distribution centers and huge warehouses. However, in countless cases, the wealth of functionality available in these systems just goes to waste as few companies are sophisticated enough to utilise it. Our reasoning – why pay for stuff you will never need. GraniteWMS is sized to meet the majority of standard warehouse requirements. It does not suffer from functional bloat.

Perfect functionality

GraniteWMS helps companies manage their warehouses with powerful functionality to suit your exact needs. We do not want to impose restrictive business rules on your operators and we certainly do not want to reduce your ability to deliver goods rapidly and effectively from your warehouse. The resulting product is a lean, barcode driven warehouse execution and management system that can be implemented rapidly and does not cost more than a safe family car.

Identification labelling

The essence of a warehouse implementation is accurate identification. It immediately provides a return in accuracy and discipline. Granite embraces this fully. The leading barcode labelling software, BARTENDER from Seagull Scientific, is included in the GraniteWMS package. This allows one to customize the label layout for each site. We will recommend the labelling technology and consumables and our factory can manufacture these to specification.

Mobile RF Scanning

A warehouse management system delivers benefit from live, accurate data. It is proven that taking the data capture to the physical work and items improves the accuracy of the process and the speed of the process. This is done by using RF (WIFI) based mobile computers with integrated barcode scanning.

Ease of use

A system is only as good as the ability of the users to use it. We have all heard the saying – Garbage In, Garbage Out. GraniteWMS was purposefully designed with simplicity in mind. The interface is easy to use, quick to learn, and the training after implementation is simple and effective.

Identification labelling

The Granite Warehouse Management System is developed by a team that specialized in barcode systems. It has scanning processes at its core, ensuring that each user interaction is simple, efficient and embraces scanning before typing. This significantly reduces manual errors in stock counts.

How GraniteWMS Works: Understand, Solve, Implement

Every item and location in the warehouse receives a unique barcode. The system uses these item and location level barcodes to track the movement of stock through the warehouse. An item’s unique barcode is scanned every time its location or status changes. This creates end-to-end traceability of all stock items in the warehouse.

Label Example v2

Typical Barcode Components

Every transaction that occurs with an item is scanned by GraniteWMS, ensuring full traceability of all stock.

  1. Stock Item: Identifies the type of item.
  2. Tracking Entity: This tells GraniteWMS exactly which physical item/box/pallet/drum or container you are working with.
  3. Additional Fields: Fields that can be added to the label during implementation include: Lot or Batch, Expiry Date, Manufacture Date, Serial Number, Quantity, GS1, Unit of measure, Pack size, Location etc.

Step-By-Step Interface

The simple interface guides users through every step of the process, be it receiving, put away, picking, or packing.

The GraniteWMS Interface Provides:

  • Simple step-by-step action prompts
  • Task progress tracking
  • Item details
  • Location identification
Screen Colour Codes:
  • Green = Success
  • Red = Error
  • Blue = Final Step

Reporting and Analysis

Item levels barcodes are scanned at every point of interaction, following the item on its entire journey through the warehouse. The resulting data enables GraniteWMS to provide reports and analysis on overall warehouse operations. The interface enables detailed reports on progress and performance which in turn supports better, data driven, business decisions.

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