30 Years - Chapter 18: Barnyard

So we’ve been at this for a while now, so it’s fair to say that Preferred Solutions was getting pretty good at this whole Evolution thing by this point in time. But as things go, there will always be another mountain to climb or river to get mildly soggy in. The next challenge on the horizon being littered, peppered and rife with tender documentation, demonstrations in great-big boardrooms full of pretty important people and too many meetings to count. Even Pastel took some convincing that Preferred Solutions was up to this monumental task. But that’s what you get for batting in the big leagues, I guess.

On the forefront of this challenge was a certain irrigation- and manufacturing company in the agriculture sector with around 35 branches that needed to be introduced to the fine world of Evolution. Now, implementing something on this scale was a feat not many had even attempted up until this point, but with great teams set up on either side of this endeavour, Preferred Solutions took on this momentous task. It would be hundreds of hours of grueling work getting this titan to breathe its first breath of life but they would finally succeed. And this client would go on to use Evolution up until this very day, with more than 200 users still working every single day.

But this process would not be without its own challenges. During this arduous journey, a distress signal would go up. Pastel brought the news, a brand clothing distributor and reseller with more than 70 shops all over the country needed immediate assistance, with only six months to do so. An impossible window over an already impassable obstacle. But Preferred Solutions saw no obstacle, only opportunity. So, during the rousing of the first titan, they brought another to life as well. Two for the price of one, not bad. Not bad at all.