Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

A True Cloud Payroll Solution from Sage, to simplify your Payroll and Staff processes from any location, at any time

An overview of Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

Powerful Features in its core, additional functionality with add-on modules

Rise to the payroll and HR management challenge with Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional, the personnel management and payroll solution reimagined, and redesigned, to take your business further. Whether you’re trying to ensure compliance with the latest tax legislation, tackling fraud resulting from inadequate checks, or just wanting to pay your people on time, we understand that when it comes to payroll, your small to medium-sized business faces unique challenges every day.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional will transform the way you connect with your workforce, enabling a highly productive environment that is secure and legislatively compliant. It’s suited to an unlimited number of employees across multiple companies and countries, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Get More Control

Manage your HR and payroll processes from a secure platform that is legislatively compliant with the latest SARS regulations.

Get More Clarity

Gain insights for better decision making at every level of your business with intuitive reporting and business intelligence tools.

Get More Connectivity

Collaborate throughout the organisation with access to real-time HR and Payroll data on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll offers a host of benefits:

  • Fully SARS compliant online payroll software – your UIF, SDL, PAYE and IRP5s are taken care of.
  • Pay your employees online anywhere, anytime on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Email PDF payslips to your employees, with the option to password-protect the payslips.
  • You avoid the hassle of software installation.
  • You are always on the latest software and legislative version e.g. latest tax brackets, leave regulations, etc
  • Your data is always safe and secure – your payroll data is backed up daily.

6 Reasons Why Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional is the RIGHT product for you!

Your Team Will Love You For It
Your payroll team will appreciate the advanced security it offers; your HR department will benefit from being able to print their required reports. Your employees will love the fact that they can manage leave requests from their mobile apps.
Put Tax Worries Out of Mind
Automated, regular updates in line with current SARS regulations ensure your business is always up-to-date with tax legislation and regulatory requirements, helping you avoid penalties for not filing on time or calculating tax incorrectly.
More Power Over Your Payroll
Gain the ability and flexibility to control every aspect of your payroll process with a range of next-generation applications, while keeping in line with legislative guidelines. You’ll find the real-time design makes the software a breeze to use.
Put "Human" Back Into Human Resources
Payroll Professional puts your people at the heart of its system with a logical, integrated and streamlined personnel management (PM) extension of its payroll component. Payroll Professional PM gives you functionality to record training, disciplinaries, interviews, items issued and keep track of various HR related documentation.
Take The Sweat Out of Processing Leave
Sage Employeee Self Service (ESS) makes processing leave a breeze. It provides your staff with user-friendly tools to update their personal details, apply for leave, submit claims and view or download payslips online. With ESS, capturing, approving and maintaining your employees’ leave becomes breeze with a streamlined, paperless and time-efficient process.
A Full Payroll & HR Solution On The Go
Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional is a multi-tenant, true cloud Payroll and HR solution offering powerful functionality and optional modules to suit your specific needs. Being cloud based, it is always available, from any location. Now you can have the freedom to perform all your payroll tasks without being bound by desktop-based software.

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