30 Years - Chapter 21: Location, Location, Location

History has shown that with success comes expansion. Borders soon become restrictive once growth and success have been around for a while. And as per the status quo, these two old friends should be accommodated as well as possible, lest they leave the party early. It is with this in mind that we tackle the next hurdle that Preferred Solutions had to face in late 2014. Location, location, location…

In September 2014 Preferred Solutions had to find a spot to put their ever growing Training team. This well oiled machine had the duty of training our clients to use all the amazing features Pastel had at the time. So, they searched and searched and finally found a quaint little spot in the heart of Bellville. Getting them settled in was pretty straight forward and everything seemed to have gone to plan. When does that ever last?

Early 2015 came waltzing in the door with another opportunity, the chance to have our very own building, built from the ground up. But we were faced with a dilemma. People wanted the building we were in right then and there and it would take around 3 years to build our new fortress. So what were we to do? The only thing we could do. Find a tiny little shed to stick ourselves into while we wait for our building to finish. And so we did that. While we fought tooth and nail to secure ourselves a piece of land to break ground on, we put the admin and management people in the attic, filed the consultants into what basically looked like a barracks and put the sales staff on some kind of flotsam-and-jetsam random assortment of desks. Hey, and this is where I pop into the story, fancy that. 20 Chapters and I only get to be in it now. Ah well, save the best for last I guess. 😀