30 Years - Chapter 20: Tonight We Dine

So…we’re in the back of a police car at 03:00 AM. Not really the best place to be, but I suppose it could be worse. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “How did they get there?”, or something to that effect. The story is a little more complicated than you might think, but give me a second and I’ll try my best to put it into some facsimile of a coherent sentence.

It all starts in 2014, with a trip to yet another awards ceremony. Sally (you should know her pretty well by now) and Nadia, our training manager at the time, took the trip up North to rake in a bunch of awards for Preferred Solutions. That year the event was black tie, so we’re talking fancy dresses, hair and makeup done and some nice shoes to go with it (remember the shoes for later :D). Sally didn’t own any of the above, so the fine ladies at the office got her equipped for the mission and gave her a crash course in everything she needed to know. And with all that said and done, they were off to the races.

The evening went as well as could be expected. Preferred Solutions got some more bling for the trophy cabinet, some speeches were made and a fair amount of fine food and drink was had. But the party animals at Pastel believed the night to still be young, inviting Sally and Nadia out to a club as the event came to a close. They accepted the invitation, making their way to a prime establishment nearby, dressed to the nines and ready to paint the town. Arriving at said establishment, they did however face a slight problem. Their fine attire included some open toed shoes, something the proprietors of the club simply could not allow. What were they to do?

A lightbulb-moment struck Nadia. What does one do at 03:00 in the morning if one has nothing else to do? One visits the finest eatery the late night diner can imagine…McDonalds. But lo, they had not transport, not carriage to take these fair maidens to their destination. But what was this, a knight in shining armour to provide said transportation? Nope, not so much. But the fairly confused policeman that was beseeched to provide a lift to the nearest McDonalds relented, and opened the back of his Police Van to allow the two ladies to climb aboard. And so it was that two of our fine employees caught a ride in the back of a police van to the nearest McDonalds at 03:00 AM.  (PS: The Policeman was compensated for his efforts with one Big Mac Meal. He graciously accepted.)