Chapter 7 - A New Hope

We’ve had loads of soft reboots in the last couple of years. Between Blade Runner 2049, Star Trek and even a little Halloween, there’s no shortage of fresh takes on existing intellectual property. And we’re getting to the point where I can regale you with the story of our own soft reboot in 2001. The early days behind us, the true adventures can begin.

Y’all remember Estelle from the ‘Prologue’? Yeah, that Estelle. The one that started this whole thing and then did the whole ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ thing and went to a far-off island somewhere near the sunset? Well, we’ve gotten to the point where she set off on her adventure, sailing the seven seas as a dread pirate until this very day (or something like that, I wasn’t really paying attention), leaving her brainchild with a few select individuals. They started this ‘soft reboot’ off with eight employees, a handful of clients left over and an empty bank balance, the basic foundation to start building the next leg of the journey. This might seem like a downgrade but hear me out. Some of the best tales ever written have been the ‘rags to riches’ trope. Cinderella, Aladdin, Oliver Twist, all stories where the protagonist starts for the bottom with nothing to their name. Throughout the tale however, they build and build until they eventually become successful and live happily ever after. Now, the real world rarely offers a truly happy ending, but I’ll give you a little spoiler… things do get better. A fair amount better.

So just to bring you into the real-world picture. 2001 was a pivotal year in the history of Preferred Solutions. Estelle had to leave for St Helene to pursue some other business opportunities with her husband. She cried about her baby, Preferred Solutions, but left it in good hands. Speaking of hands, this is where Sally and Rico met for the very first time. He had lots of hair and she had no grey hair…. That changed over time, but they took to the oars and set the Preferred Solutions ship onto the Pastel course. 

But to get back to the narrative, a few of the original eight that remained at Preferred Solutions in 2001 are still around. And in the 20-year interim many things changed, many people came and went and many, many stories came from this menagerie. And I’ll continue to try my best to tell them. But you know that already. That’s kinda why you’re here, right?