30 Years - Chapter 15: Fresh Princes

I recently finished The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while but never got around to. Now, as per the series, all of the characters are pretty great but the dynamic between two of them stands out to me. The characters of Will Smith and Carlton Banks display the love-hate relationship between ‘siblings’ really well. They butt heads but form a dynamic duo when working toward similar goals. And wouldn’t you know, Preferred Solutions has its own Smith and Banks. And it all started in the twilight years of the 2000s…

Lots of change was about as 2010 was rapidly approaching. At Preferred Solutions everything was going pretty well, with LOADS of Partner consultants and a select few Evolution people. And as per, new characters were needed in our tale. Like the opening scenes of Hobbs & Shaw, we zoom in on Somerset West and Franschhoek respectively.

Photo by Bonnie Kittle

Two men going about their daily business. One, a mountain of a man sitting behind a comparatively small desk at an auditors across the street from Preferred Solutions, the other, a streetsmart smoothtalker, tilling the fields of work life in the week while peddling Franschhoek’s finest wines on the weekends. And as luck would have it, both of these fine gentlemen would pick up a District Mail and read an ad: ‘Help Wanted at Preferred Solutions’. (Or something like that, I don’t know, I wasn’t there. Shhhh I’m telling a story here.)


And so, Nic Swart and Jurien Bruintjies would join the team. They would rapidly develop the ever entertaining sibling-esque relationship that would ensure many a laugh over the years. Upon recollection, many come to mind but one moment stands above the crowd. Jurien was being his loud and boisterous self, regailing all within earshot with his comedic talent. Nic, however, had had his fill of comedy for the day, and (albeit with fair warning to Jurien) with the help of his equally burly brother, hoisted Jurien into the air and would ever so gently dunk his head neatly into the fish pond bubbling in reception. Like an Ouma rusk in an early morning cup of coffee. Needless to say, laughs were had whereafter quiet ensued. (Disclaimer: No employee was harmed during the above mentioned action. Some discount hair gel and style may have been lost during the proceedings.)