30 Years - Chapter 24: An Unexpected Ally

Allies can be found in the strangest of places. Hidden among the twisted trees and fetid pools of a swamp planet, on a firework-filled cart rolling slowly into a quiet town or perhaps even behind the mask of a former adversary. Or, in our case, at one of the many Pastel Award-events held annually in the distant North of our fair country. An air of friendly competition hung over these events. One wished your opponent the best of luck but unintentionally hoped that you would eventually come out on top. But an opponent is no good if they fall before the bout even begins. And as two of Preferred Solutions’ main rivals got mired down in the mud of life, who better to reach out the hand of support than us? We extended the invitation to join our noble cause, which they graciously accepted. And with this fresh injection of talent, power and pride coursing through our veins, we were stronger than ever. Hundreds of new customers needed our expertise and the successful merge brought others that wanted to join our cause from far and wide.

This growth was even seen at the very furthest reaches of Preferred Solutions’ influence. Our branch in Gauteng got a new lease on life, the fervour of recent events sparking a new age of growth and expansion. This spark drew the attention of a legend in the Sage landscape, a warrior that had spent the last while out on a Pastel walkabout of sorts, his journey taking him far and wide to see all that the land had become. He decided to investigate this new endeavor, joining our cause near the end of 2018, quickly becoming an integral part of this new and improved direction. All was well at Preferred Solutions, not perfect but what truly is? We were rejuvenated, building a strong and resilient bulwark for the challenging times to come