30 Years - Chapter 17: I Toot As I Please

Sound is a major part of our sensory experience as human beings. We rely on sound to help us identify the world around us and can provide a fair amount of enjoyment. But, like most things, sound can hurt just as well as heal. Introducing the vuvuzela. Who knew that an injection-molded plastic horn could cause such a global stir, sowing controversy all over the place throughout the entire year of 2010. As South Africa and the world were celebrating the latest Football World Cup, this diametrically opposed viewpoint continued. Some called the horn “an instrument from hell” while others stated: “Banning the vuvuzela would take away the distinctiveness of a South African World Cup … absolutely essential for an authentic South African footballing experience”. But, however you slice it, 2010 was a weird year, the swirl of celebration and sport guaranteeing a unique experience for all.

In the same year, Preferred Solutions was making pretty big strides of its own. Ever growing and improving, the business had become a fairly well known name in the Helderberg and Cape Peninsula and even stretching further into South Africa proper. This culminated in another invitation to an awards ceremony at Pastel’s Headquarters in Gauteng. As per, the evening commenced with much merriment and awards given. Until the final award, the Channel Partner of the Year. And I’ll give you a wild guess who got that award? Well, obviously it was Preferred Solutions, otherwise there would be no story.

But jokes aside, 2010 was a pivotal year for many reasons. A monumental sporting event had graced our shores, massive upgrades were made to South African infrastructure and tourism hadn’t seen such a boom in many, many years. And on a more local front, Preferred Solutions had another decade under its belt, such experience brings with it the skills and dedication we still put to use every single day. Our clients have always been the focal point of our business model. We’ve always maintained the commitment to working hard and smart, rendering a service that benefits the customer before all else. And we hope that stills shines through. That’s the whole point of this, isn’t it?