Chapter 13 - That Sinking Feeling

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. A military giant, he was famous for his remarkable defensive style of warfare that was so adaptive and effective that it resulted in multiple victories against forces that vastly outnumbered his own, all the while keeping his own men safe and his losses to a minimum. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest defensive commanders of all time, the proof of which is that many of his tactics and battle plans are still being utilized as study material in various military academies around the world to this very day. But, by far his greatest achievement, outshining even his awesome military prowess, was the popularisation… of the Wellington Boot.

And this is where our story for this week begins, with the last two pairs of wellington boots at a co-op in the distant town of Bredasdorp. In 2007, two of Preferred Solutions’ employees, Jenny Huxter and Sophia Brand, made the arduous (that means really difficult) trek to this economic and service hub of the Southern Overberg region. The plan was to talk to members of the agricultural sector that had gathered for the Agri Megaweek agricultural show. Now, this show has a well known reputation for ‘severe weather conditions’. And that year did not disappoint. As Jenny and Sophia set up their stall, excited to speak to the locals, they found themselves slowly sinking into the mud. The torrential downpour (that means a lot of rain) had compromised the very surface of the Earth, forcing the two intrepid ladies to venture far and wide to find the correct footwear. And like the knight in shining armour that he very well was, Duke Arthur Wellesley came to the rescue, with the last two pairs of wellington boots that were still available for purchase in the entire town of Bredasdorp.

Jenny and Sophia braved the weather for the entire weekend, calling in a care package of socks, blankets and cosy pajamas from home to stay alive during the frigid (that means very cold) nights. The show had to go on however, and so many a farmer received the good word of Pastel and how they could benefit from having their business processes covered by that award-winning software and Preferred Solutions’ watchful gaze and supportive hands. But closer to home, new folks were moving in. Preferred Solutions was receiving a fresh injection of talent. But that’s a story for next time…