30 Years - Chapter 22: Bread and Circuses

“Two things only the people anxiously desire – bread and circuses.” Now, the Romans knew many things. How to build fine roads and waterways, how to conquer large swathes of land and how to raise a massive empire. But what they knew best, was how to keep the people entertained, with food and fun. And as such, people have learned from their fine example. And now, staff functions, where food and drink is provided and games to be played by all are made available, are a staple of many a successful company. And Preferred Solutions is and was no exception.

Preferred Solutions have held many of these events over the years, with a few choice moments standing out… At one such event, held at our favourite wine-farm, the legendary Somerbosch Wines, we were provided with a wide range of off-road motor vehicles from tiny little motorcycles to massive quad-bikes. These as you could imagine were quite a hit with those attending as the entire day was spent taking part in various high speed chases and the odd bit of careening into the vineyard. Lucky for everyone in attendance, no injuries were had, save for a single wooden pole that supported one of the vines that was lost in a tragic misjudgment of distance, speed and trajectory.

On another occasion, the entertainment provided was a friendly game of field hockey. Now, the idea of this game was to be entertaining and in no way competitive, short of the inherent competition involved in any sport. But as the energy levels started to rise and the game gradually sped up, the intensity of the game followed suit. And as our old pal Murphy would have it, a rouge ball that was launched a little higher than expected collided with the head of an unsuspecting consultant. Nothing to worry about thought. After a once-over from our first-aiders on site, all the consultant suffered was a lump on the head, no harm done. Like I told you, bread and circuses and everyone’s happy.