Chapter 9 - Circle of Life

Circles are pretty cool, if you haven’t noticed. People have been fans of circles for nearly as long as we’ve known what circles are. The original origins of the word circle is from Homeric Greek which we can pin to circa 8th century BCE but people have been messing with round stuff for much longer than that. We have written accounts from around 1700 BCE where the Egyptians of the time were doing pretty complex math (for the time) to calculate the area of a circular field. Some even went so far as to call the circle intrinsically “divine” or “perfect”. Bottom line, circles are cool and we love all the round things.

Now, people have told me that I tend to go on tangents a lot. I’m not sure where they get that idea, I happened to be quite direct, mostly. O, by the way, tangents are also related to straight lines touching the curve of a circular or curved shape but don’t cross them. I keep telling you folks, math is pretty cool. But where was I? O right, tangents. To get to the point, we spoke about a group of little birds that flew from the Preferred Solutions nest to build their own nest, Exact Consulting. In 2002 they would circle back and re-roost in their home nest, bringing all the skills they had learnt on their adventures with them. Hanli du Toit, a veteran in Pastel support, returned to the ranks and with her she brought IT guys, more Pastel and Payroll support as well as old and new customers. This injection of fresh talent would go far to make Preferred Solutions what it is today.

The 2000s was an interesting time for all. The world was a brand new place and everyone was getting to know the new playing field. But we as humans are the apex predators on this planet for a reason. Our innate ability to improvise, adapt and overcome (hey, Bear Grylls meme) even the hardest and most strenuous circumstances lead us to the top of the food chain. But what will we do while we’re up here? Who knows, we’re still learning.