Why Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A Cloud-Based Business Management Solution / ERP that gives you the flexibility and functionality to run your business from any location or device

9 Great Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

All Your Information and Business Processes in One Place

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution / ERP that’s connecting people and processes like in a new and innovative way. It makes managing your financials, sales, service, and operations easier and faster, by bringing everything together in one place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central turns your multiple disconnected systems into one fluent working machine. It also boosts efficiency with automated tasks and workflows—all from within familiar Microsoft Office tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel. Get a complete picture of your business and make better business decisions, with built-in intelligence when and where you need it.

With your business running in the cloud, it’s easy to change and adapt at your own pace without expensive IT costs (physical servers, high-performance computer requirements etc). Start with what you need, quickly and easily. You can expand your Microsoft Business Central as your business grows.

The trusted and well-known brand, Microsoft, offers a connected technology platform with Business Central, bringing together business applications with tools for productivity, communication, and collaboration. 

Why You Should Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

1. It brings your systems and processes together

Unify your business from finance and operations to sales and marketing with a comprehensive and modern solution. Easily integrate to applications like payroll, banking apps, or custom APIs. Get the same consistent and secure experience whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Access customer information, create sales orders, review and approve quotes and purchase orders—wherever business takes you.

2. Streamline Quote to cash, all within Office 365

Shorten the time from quote to cash when you can set up customers or vendors, create quotes, process orders, and submit invoices without leaving Outlook. Send your invoices as PDF attachments. Use familiar Office 365 tools to work together and connect with colleagues and customers. Create professional-looking business documents using customizable Microsoft Word templates. Easily export and update data in Microsoft Excel.

3. Automate and secure your business processes

Microsoft Business Central enables you to improve productivity and get more done with easy-to-create workflows, audit trails, and enterprise-level security. You can connect your customised workflows across sales and accounting to automatically track cash flow. Business Central offers secure purchasing, credit authorization, and vendor payment processes with pre-defined alerts and approval workflows. This all happens on one secure platform.

4. Sell smarter and improve customer service

Configurable dashboards and multidimensional reports help you analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), inventory, sales, and order status. Easily track ongoing sales performance and leverage actionable insights to focus on customers that have the greatest potential for long-term growth. Gain a comprehensive overview of your service tasks, workloads, and employee skills to effectively assign resources and accelerate case resolution.

5. Guide Employees to optimal outcomes

Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what you need to replenish, ensuring inventory levels are maintained. Leverage sales forecasts to automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders. Avoid shortages and lost sales by automatically offering substitute items when requested items aren’t available. Get built-in recommendations on when to pay vendors to take advantage of vendor discounts.

6. Be ready for growth, when you need it

Start with what you need and grow at your own pace to run your entire business in the cloud. Easily import data from other solutions using data migration wizards and assisted setup. Get contextual guidance with in-product tutorials, when and where you need it. Handle the most common business processes from day one, like quotes, orders, invoicing, purchasing, cash management, and reporting. It’s built in the cloud, so it’s easy to set up, manage and scale.

7. Get an end-to-end view of your business

Business Central allows you to centralize your data from finance, sales, service, and operations to get an accurate, end-to-end view of your business. All data stays up to date in live time, so you can spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experience. With Business Central you have one centralised version of the truth.

8. Tailer Business Central to your needs

Business Central allows you to customize and adapt applications to support your unique business needs. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can rearrange fields, rename groups, and reposition elements. You can customise dashboards with the most important information for each user or department for quick overview.

9. Add industry or business extensions

You can leverage pre-built applications (available through the AppSource marketplace) to easily and cost effectively extend Business Central to fit your industry or business needs. Combine with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow (as part of Microsoft Office 365) to compose new applications and extend existing business processes.

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