TeamViewer Download & Instructions

Essential to receive remote support

Download Teamviewer Here

How to install and use TeamViewer

Step 1: Download the TeamViewer Software from the link above.

Step 2: Once TeamViewer has finished downloading, double-click the TeamViewer installer to begin. The window should open automatically. Should a dialog box appear asking for permission, click Run.

Step 3: On the console, there will be information for Your ID and Password. You need to give this information to the consultant who will be accessing your computer remotely. The consultant will then use this information to access your computer for the work required to be done.

Step 4: There will be a notification on the bottom right corner of your screen that a TeamViewer session is active. Do not close this program or try to work on the computer while the consultant is busy doing work on it remotely.

It will be normal to see on your screen exactly what work is being done by the consultant, sometimes it is a great learning curve to observe.

Should you have any difficulty with installing or using TeamViewer, please contact the consultant assisting you or phone us during office hours on 021 840 2620.