Skynamo - For Sales Managers

Gain the necessary insights to improve sales processes and hit your sales targets

Skynamo Features for Sales Managers

With Skynamo, it has never been easier to lead your team with great success

Skynamo provides a real-time view of your most important statistics so you can see exactly how to move forward, and lead your sales team to achieve better results. Skynamo also provides a historical view of all sales activity so you can move from tediously micro-managing your team to coaching with confidence and with a wide range of insightful tools at your disposal.

Know what is happening in the field

One of the main features of Skynamo is it’s GPS tracking, which provides a real-time view of rep location, customer visits, time spent with customers, routes taken and all notes and transactions. This plethora of information will give you all the tools you need to provide excellent results.

Gain Valuable Insights

Have easy access reports that give an insight as to how well you have performed and how you can improve in the future. These historic timelines can give you a detailed overview as to how your company has progressed whilst also identifying areas for improvement.


Coach Your Team to Success

Skynamo allows you to assign tasks to reps and add notes to their timelines, based on the insights gleaned from our app. You get greater control over what your sales teams are doing and how efficiently they are working.

Forecast Monthly Sales

As well as being able to focus on past successes and failures due to the wealth of information available to you, you can also look to the future with Skynamo. You can get a real-time view of orders submitted and invoiced compared to your monthly or annual target per sales rep.


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