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Easy-to-use and manage website building tool with an eCommerce module that integrates with your Sage Accounting suite.

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An all-encompassing tool to grow your business via the web

Product Overview

Get noticed, and make product sales, online!

Sage Online Tools is an easy-to-use and manage website building tool with an eCommerce module that integrates with your Sage Accounting suite. With more businesses looking at online channels to streamline their ordering Process and marketing efforts, Sage Online Tools becomes the obvious choice for an all-encompassing tool to grow your business via the web. Sage Online Tools is a powerful platform that covers two important aspects of your online presence:

Integrated eCommerce

Running your business via Sage accounting has many benefits, world-class accounting functionality as well as integration with a host of other tools like our eCommerce module. With pricing (and multiple price lists for wholesale), stock levels and ordering syncing automatically, streamlining your business becomes the norm. No more missing payments, out of stock items being purchased, or double-capturing orders from an email into your accounting system.

Website management tool

A website forms the backbone in most business’ modern marketing strategy for good reason. Your audience is literally unlimited, and always see the most up-to-date information about your business in one place. Sage Online Tools takes the guesswork out of creating & maintaining your own website with an easy-to-use Microsoft Word-like editor for copy, and
drag-drop technology to make laying out content a breeze.


The most effective way to sell your products online - directly integrated with your Sage Accounting software

Consolidating your business operations into one, manageable platform is essential to growing your business without scaling resources. Your accounting forms the base of all your financial, stock and reporting controls. Integrating your business data with an eCommerce store means your customers have an up-to-date view of stock and pricing levels, reducing “we don’t have this, but you may like to try that”, or “this was last month’s prices, we’ve updated this recently so let me send you a new quote”.

How It Works:

To sync your accounting data with the eCommerce store, a built-in module is activated which pushes the data to the cloud if you’re using a desktop-based accounting suite like Sage 100 / 200 Evolution, Sage 50cloud Partner or Xpress. Sage Business Cloud Accounting (previously known as Sage One) is cloud-based already (which means we’ll just need your username/password for the sync). The sync runs on a cycle in which you may define the refresh interval (30 min, 1 hour, 3 hour etc). Data is synced to/from the store on this interval.

What information gets synced to the store:

  • Orders – Store orders get pushed back to an account in Sage. with all line-items, price & quantity with customer details
  • Pricing – Price levels update with the sync. Additional pricelists update (for wholesale pricing) too
  • Stock levels – Stock levels update to be current (you may choose to show/ignore stock levels)
  • Product codes – Product SKU codes and short descriptions export to the store
  • Customer-accounts – Accounts created in Sage are available to log in to the store for unique pricing

Key Business Problems Solved:

Out-of-stock items being ordered

Updated stock levels on your website indicate to customers what’s available. Refunding/changing orders for out-of-stock items become a thing of the past.

Manual entering of sales-orders

Double capturing data from a phone-call or email into your accounting software increases the scope for typo errors. Generating this data in your accounting saves you time, reduces errors and expedites turnaround times.

Incorrect prices paid

Updating product pricing in your accounting means that if it hasn’t been updated on the website, your customer will see R84.99 online, yet received an invoice for R98.50. This may lead to a refund (extra admin & costs) and an unhappy customer. Updated pricing means you always get the right price for your product.

Manually handle wholesale customer orders and pricing

Sending out a spreadsheet with product pricing means your wholesaler may not have the latest spreadsheet. Pricing must also be hidden online and take “quotes” only because you can let competitors/retail customers see your discount pricing. Sage eCommerce allows you to show one pricelist online to retail, and the wholesaler to log in to the store and receive a different price list.

Manually reconcile payments

Payments for orders may get lost in your bank account if the incorrect/no reference number was used. This means time spent to try to allocate to an invoice. Using Sage Pay for payments, your payment is automatically allocated to the sales order/quote. No hunting for order numbers and payments.

B2B (Wholesale)

Sell at different price points, to different types of customers, on ONE online store

Feature overview:

Management of B2B or wholesale vs retail pricing is facilitated with Sage Online Tools by associating a pre-defined customer-account in your accounting software with a price list on the store. This is allowing for an account customer to log in and view their unique pricelist.

Restricted pricing display:

Only logged-in customers may view their discounted/unique pricelist as set up in your Sage Accounting software. You may also choose to hide all pricing from retail customers (who are not logged in to their account).

Restricted stock display:

Hide exact stock levels from a customer if they’ve not logged in to their account. One may choose to do this for business reasons. Displaying “in stock” or “out of stock” rather than an exact amount is also catered for.

Account-customer checkout:

Customer details are remembered on checkout save them from having to re-capture the same information. Orders placed by account customers are created against the customers’ account in your Sage Accounting automatically.

Multiple Pricelists

  • Wholesale/Business to Business often requires access to multiple price lists for a different category of customer.
  • Pricelists are pulled through from Sage and associated with a customer account - customer can log in to store & view their unique pricing.

Store access control:

Customer needs to be created previously in your Sage Accounting software and assigned to a price list to log into the store to purchase. You may select individual/group select customers and invite them to set a password to log in. This grants the store-owner full control of store accessibility for account customers.

Restricted product categories:

You may wish to restrict product category access to certain customer groups for business reasons e.g. a hair salon may need to by 25 Litres of shampoo, but a retail customer not. Product categories can be displayed/hidden based on a debtor category grouping. A debtor category is created in your accounting software, and an account-customer assigned to a debtor category. This info is synced to the web-store and grants/denies the user access to the product category.

Restricted ordering:

Ordering through the store may be restricted to account-customers only. The user may not add any items to cart, view pricing, stock levels or checkout unless the customer has logged in.

Web Creation Tools

Simple, effective tools to build your web presence


Sage Online Tools has an easy-to-use website builder that ensures someone with limited web-knowledge can create a website and an eCommerce store. A bulk SMS/Email tool makes it easy to send out mailer campaigns to your audience. A template-driven website builder ensures your site looks good out-the-box and one can customise it further by creating new content and editing further with your own HTML and CSS styling.


Pick from a range of templates that cater for a variety of industries in terms of look-and-feel or content layout. All templates are eCommerce-ready, while others are having a specific focus on eCommerce.


Select from a range of themes to customise your sites font style, font size, menu position, background colours and hyperlink colours.



All content placed on the website is mobile-ready, ensuring a good user experience across all platforms. Content resizes to fit the width of your device's screen – no more finger surfing trying to zoom in on the info you’re looking for.

Drag-and-drop technology:

Laying out content on a web-page becomes easy when you can drag-drop content into place, in rows and columns as needed

“Word-style” text editor:

Changing font-size, colour, headings, inserting images, inserting hyperlinks, tables and more are all made familiar with a Microsoft Word-style text editor.


Managing hundreds or thousands of images or files can be done easily via an intuitive, file-management system. Create unlimited folders to organise your content and upload your files by drag-dropping onto your screen. One can also edit/crop/resize images and save them out without leaving your browser.


The website front-end is generated using the web-standard Twitter Bootstrap framework, ensuring all the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript best-practices are up-to-date.

Tracking & reporting

Copy-paste your Google Analytics, Tag Manager, AdWords or Facebook Ad tracking scripts to track important website and advertising campaign stats.

SMS/Email campaign tool

Upload a list of customers, create mail content with graphics and links, send out a campaign and revert to the stats tab to review your campaign performance (opens, bounces, click-through’s and non-sends).


Creating fresh content on your website is important for your Google ranking. Doing this via a blog makes it easy, and there are many tools available to increase the visibility of your posts like setting up authors, article cloud tags, recent post feed, customisable sidebar and more.


Let our expert designers build your website for you

Getting professional setup assistance for your website or eCommerce store is critical to furthering the success of your online marketing and sales efforts. Designing an effective website that’s going to generate new business and sales need to contain the following:

  1. Professional design (look-and-feel)
  2. Effective calls-to-action
  3. Mobile-friendliness for all devices
  4. A considered layout of content
  5. Professional finish
  6. eCommerce setup, shipping and payment methods

The idea of building the website/eCommerce store yourself to save on costs might seem appealing, however, it’s worthwhile noting that websites designed by professionals have significantly higher traffic, convert more traffic to leads and log more sales.

Sage’s website design & management process

Identifying your website/ eCommerce objectives and requirements is the first step in bringing together all the components to ensure you’re ready for success.

Pricing for "Build-it-for-me" Service

Affordable one-off pricing any company to improve their online marketing/eCommerce and business-to-business operations with Sage integration. *Final pricing on consultation

Web Design Services

Setup Packages
Once-Off Costs
Premium design (33.5 hr) R19 700+ VAT
Standard design (16.5 hr) R9 500+ VAT
Essential design (9.5 hr) R 6 000+ VAT


eCommerce Setup Services

Number of Products
Once-Off Costs
0 - 20 R2 500 + VAT
21 - 50 R3 200 + VAT
51 - 100 R4 500 + VAT
101 - 200 R5 500 + VAT
201 - 350 R7 500 + VAT
Over 350 R10 500 + VAT

Note: There might be monthly hosting costs depending on the number of products and content on the website. Please enquire during the time of formal quoting.

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