Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional HR Features

Put your people at the heart of your Payroll & HR system

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional HR features

Powerful Features in its core, additional functionality with add-on modules

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional empowers you to look after your employees in a secure, cloud environment.

You can keep a record of various employee interactions throughout their careers, and access this information anytime, allowing you to process various queries and access employee information for better decision-making.

A logical, integrated, and streamlined extension of our Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional solution, personnel management is designed around a business’s human resource responsibilities.

You can also improve efficiency and reduce manual interventions with regards to employee claims, leave requests and Masterfile maintenance through seamless integration with Sage Self Service (SSS).

Human Resources & Personnel Management Features of Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional include:

Key features:

  • The Advisor allows quick access to information on legislation, policies, procedures and codes of good practice regulating the payroll and HR environment.
  • You can load various transactions on each employee record.
  • Attach documents to employee records e.g. supporting documentation for disciplinary actions
  • Keep a record of different items issued to employees (cell phones, laptops, uniforms) and be reminded of outstanding items that must be returned when an employee resigns.
  • Customise standard templates available in Microsoft Word with your company logo for forms like disciplinary procedures, fixed term contracts and letters of appointment.

Core People Management Module:

Keep complete employee records, including employee transactions and document attachments— like disciplinary notices and grievances, records of training attended, qualifications achieved and more. You can also add the following information to assist with possible queries at a later stage:

  • Any prior learning and competencies of employees.
  • All vehicle information is recorded per employee, including accidents and traffic fines.
  • Additional family information can be recorded, e.g. beneficiaries of pension or provident funds.

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