Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional ESS (Employee Self-Service)

The paperless process that empowers your employees

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional ESS Features

Powerful Features in its core, additional functionality with add-on modules

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional integrates directly into Sage Employee Self Service (ESS) to streamline your HR process by giving your employees user-friendly tools to update their personal details, apply for leave, submit claims and overtime, and view payslips online.

By reducing admin, it gives you more time to focus on the issues that matter most to you—like moving your business forward.

Leave-processing? Piece of cake.

ESS integrates with Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional, reducing capture time by allowing your employees to apply for leave online, while streamlining the approval and maintenance of employee leave by turning it into a completely paperless process. SSS also allows you to customise the workflow items, reducing your company’s financial liability through improved leave management.

Let the right people in, keep the wrong people out

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional enforces stringent, internationally-accepted standards for access control to authenticate users. This means your datais always protected. For example, if your business requires, managers can be given access to update leave information for an entire department.

How Sage Self Service (SSS) makes your employees’ lives easier

Leave processing

Employees can view their leave balances as they appear on the payroll database and apply for leave on the system.

Personal information

Your employees are able to view and update their personal information online, including:

  • Names and contact numbers.
  • Banking details.
  • Emergency contact details.
  • Statutory information such as ID numbers, tax numbers, and addresses.
  • Details of family members, next of kin, and beneficiaries.

Online Payslips

Because Sage Self Service saves every payslip, an employee can view a history of these whenever they want or need to.

Expense claims and online claims processing

ESS automates travel reimbursements or expense claims. An employee simply needs to complete a form within the SSS solution, this request will then be authorised, and the transaction automatically reflected on their payslip.

Online overtime processing

Employees can capture overtime using the ESS system. As soon as a request has been approved, the hours are automatically reflected on the company’s payroll. Overtime forms can be customised too and employees are given the ability to attach files, if they need to.

How Employee Self Service (ESS) makes your life easier:

  • ESS saves you valuable time on leave capturing and processing.
  • Take control of leave processes by following leave applications in real-time.
  • Transactions are automatically updated in your payroll database.
  • Employee accounts are secured with usernames and passwords.

The Sage Self Service system ships with the following reports to make your leave processing and maintenance more effective:

Leave Transactions Report

View transactions awaiting approval.

Manager Leave Calendar Report

Provides managers with a visual report of the employees on leave.

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