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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Time Tracking

Time Tracking (Add-On Module)

With time tracking software, you can make every minute count. Time is money – and our Sage Business Cloud Accounting Time Tracking add on module is designed to help you track your time and make sure you get paid for it!

  • Set up your projects and tasks.
  • Set budgets, task rates and billing preferences for each project.
  • Start capturing time.
  • Invoice out time linked to your timesheet entries or manually invoice out tasks linked to a project.
  • Link expenses to projects and optionally recharge them to your customer. Start tracking your time now by signing up for this add on module!

Multi-Currency (Add-On Module)

Multi-Currency in Sage Business Cloud Accounting is an add-on module which allows companies to price any goods or services in foreign currencies, for example, United States Dollar or British Pound Sterling.

  • Send invoices and make purchases in different currencies.
  • Set up bank accounts in other currencies.
  • Get the latest end of day Exchange Rate automatically from Accounting or set up custom rates.
  • Manage currency fluctuations easily – Accounting calculates your unrealised and realised foreign exchange gains or losses automatically.
Sage Business Cloud Accounting Multi-Currency
Advanced Inventory

Advanced Inventory (Add-On Module)

The Sage Business Cloud Accounting Advanced Inventory add-on module enables you to seamlessly track and manage your inventory and gain accurate information into today’s state of your inventory.

With Advanced Inventory, you’re equipped with an automated system that calculates the quantity and true value of your inventory after every sale you make.

This helps you save time, effort and reduce errors that are often caused by manually updating journal entries.

Debtors Manager (Add-On Module)

Stay on top of late payments with a deeper analysis of who owes you cash, how much, and by when. The Sage Business Cloud Accounting Debtors Manager module empowers you with an automated workflow that helps track and facilitate the collection of outstanding payments.

This gives you visibility into the real-time status of unpaid invoices and enables you to easily follow up with your customers.

Set up a timeline, draft follow up responses, manage your customers’ account status and get paid faster.

debtors manager

Multiple 3rd Party Integrations with Sage Marketplace

You can access multiple 3rd party integrations with other software platforms, e-commerce integrations and productivity solutions with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Have a look at the available 3rd party integrations by visiting the Sage Marketplace.

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