Prologue – Where Did Preferred Solutions Start

Preferred Solutions has been around for 30 years. But where did this all come from? Well, where do all good stories start? At the beginning of course…

We start, on a morning like any other in the great city of Johannesburg, with a young woman packing her things. Not for a mere vacation or visit, no she was moving. From the bustling streets of Gauteng to the windswept shores of the Cape. Experienced and ready for anything the financial world could throw at her, the final box was sealed and a chapter could start anew.

Not everything was left behind however, for Estelle Wishere brought with her a wealth of experience as a financial manager and a base of happy and loyal clients at her fingertips. So, as the wheels touched down in the Mother City, Estelle set to work building her Pastel legacy.

The work began in 1994 where Estelle worked night and day to care for her Pastel clientele. But one can only do so much on their own as Estelle put her first foot towards building her fellowship with the discovery of an elusive little gem we’ll call Sally Roux. With Sally’s addition to the Preferred Solutions team the business grew, attracting even more to their cause. In walked a lanky gentleman with loads of hair (which would thin drastically as time passed I might add) and a mind for numbers by the name of Rico Ferreira, as well as a few others that would support this growing venture they called Preferred Solutions. The small office hidden in the thick foliage of Somerset West would send its worker bees out to the furthest points of South Africa, helping everyone along the way. They even reached across our borders, planting Pastel seeds all across Africa.

Life was busy and not everything came easy. But through perseverance, determination and a love of their craft, Preferred Solutions flourished. Relationships were built by people for people.

But as stories go, sometimes pages need to be turned and chapters need to end. Estelle would journey to a far off island and leave her brainchild in the hands of Rico and Sally. Her hopes were that they would continue to grow. And grow they did. But that is a story for another time…