Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation

An overview of how we approach the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

If you are considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – you can be assured that, with Preferred Solutions, you are in good hands. Preferred Solutions has been doing successful ERP implementations since 2003 and we have developed a tried-and-tested implementation methodology. Yes, the implementation of an ERP system is an extensive and highly detailed process, but we have broken it down into logical steps – one building on the other.

Below you can find a short description of what to expect from your journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, from start to finish.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Implementation Methodology

Step 1 - Initial Needs Analysis and Product Demo

To start off, one of our able consultants will give you a live product demo to show you how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central showcasing the features and functionality to successfully run your business processes. The product demo will normally be done in an online environment (such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet etc).  During this meeting, we will also discuss your specific needs and challenges, and propose how we can solve this with Business Central. We will discuss the areas that you don’t have solutions for currently, or that Business Central doesn’t have as standard (which we can custom develop for you!). For us, showing how a solution works is key – and we’ll ensure that the product demonstration is applied to your industry or business model.

Step 2 - Detailed Scoping / Workshops

This step is where we drill down into the finest detail of your business, your current processes and the ideal processes going forward using Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central. We will meet with various staff in your company and discuss their processes to assess how we can possibly bring improvement. The next step is to show you how the processes we have planned would work in your business (and Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central would be set up to support these processes). Of course, there will be some more configuration and development done along the way to show the flow. We’ll use real data (once again) to enable you to understand and visualise these solutions within the context of your business. Everything uses end-to-end flows so you (and your team) can see how it all fits together! Once this has all been approved, we can move over to the next step: the implementation of the product.

Step 3 - Implementation and Setup

Now that everything is in place, we set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central according to the well-planned scoping documents and ensure the processes work correctly. We will need your complete company data to input in the system.

Step 4 - Internal testing

After we have done the setup of Microsoft Business Central, our project teams takes  the opportunity to evaluate what’s been done so far, discuss specific requirements or alterations, assess communication needs (you may want stock received to appear on a user’s screen, for example) and validate decisions. During this step, some change and alterations might be made to ensure everything works correctly.

Step 5 - User Acceptance Training and Pre-Live Testing

This point is all about training and testing. You and your team will get access to the system, receive product training and then test that everything works correctly according to your requirements and expectations. This stage is crucial as it will enable us to understand the integrity of the solution and if it meets your day-to-day operational parameters. By this point all your key stakeholders and champions should be able to use the system and capably manage “Day in the Life” scenarios, i.e. normal operations. If you can’t work through “Day in the Life” scenarios, then it’s not ready to go live! Once you’re able to go through all your specific scenarios with ease (and without problems), it’s ready to go live!

Step 6 - Go Live!

Everything is now ready for you to use your brand new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. With the “go live” phase, Preferred Solutions will be standing by to assist with any snags and questions to ensure to your ERP system runs fluently.

Step 7 - Initial Support and SLA after “Go Live”

For the first few weeks and months, Preferred Solutions have already included a Service-Level Agreement to actively support, provide further training and do troubleshooting to smooth out any challenges, until everything runs 100% smoothly.