Microsoft 365 Business Benefits

Microsoft 365 Business is much more than just Microsoft Office in the cloud. It offers many benefits for businesses, assisting growth, saving money to name a few.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business


Microsoft 365 gives you flexibility to scale your business quickly as it can grow with you. Businesses can mix and match apps to create your own custom solution for each user or department, and it’s easy to add or remove users by simply adding or eliminating licenses. Since you can scale up as needed, your team can continue to work with the tools they are familiar with as you grow.

Work Anywhere

One of the main benefits of Microsoft 365 is the capability to work from anywhere if you have internet connectivity. Because it’s entirely cloud-based, email, files and Office programs (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) can be accessed from any location and any device. You can create, edit, and share from your PC, Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device with anyone in real time. Perfect to work from any location.

Easy Collaboration

The collaboration features of Microsoft 365 are super beneficial. Everyone who needs to contribute to or edit a document (or spreadsheet, or presentation), can work on the same version (and get real-time changes) rather than having multiple copies. Versioning is also included if you need to go to back to an older version. Furthermore, with shared calendars and team chat, team members will always be in sync.

Always Up To Date

Microsoft 365 is always up to date because it’s in the cloud, so you’ll have access to the latest versions at no additional charge; Gone are the times of software upgrades or patches. Microsoft continually adds new features and capabilities, and you have access to them as soon as they are introduced. Compatibility issues have also become extinct because all users will be using the same version.

Reduces Capital Spend

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service, which means you pay an annual or monthly fee per user. It eliminates the large up-front costs for new software; you’re leasing vs. buying. This also moves IT costs from capital to operating expenses. Although some companies pay yearly, most plans are usually paid month-to-month. You also have the freedom to switch off services that you aren’t using to cut costs.

Up to 5 Devices Per User

Multi-device usage is commonplace nowadays; From using a desktop at the office, a laptop while you travel, a tablet at home, and let face it, we’re all guilty of having a smartphone by our side 24/7. The beauty of Office 365 is that documents can now be accessed from any of these devices, and auto-syncing means that the most current version is always at hand. Available on Windows, Android and iOS.

Enhanced Emails

Office 365 users have access to the latest features on Outlook, which has a broad range of impressive email capabilities. Send messages at different times. Receive recipient reply notifications, and enhanced scheduling features through your Outlook calendar. Set up event start times and end times across different regions.

Mix & Match packages

Office 365 has various business plans, each with different features and programs. Each employee will have different technical needs so having the ability to mix and match your plan will mean you don’t pay for more than you need. Switching between plans is straightforward, so each employee has that they need.

Reduces Costs

Because office runs in the cloud, you don’t need servers for your website, emails or document storage. The cost savings are substantial; Removing onsite servers will reduce both energy costs and the need for office space to store server hardware.

Microsoft 365 Business Advanced Security Features

A common misconception about the cloud is that it’s not secure. However, in reality, it isn’t necessarily any more or less safe than an on premise system. It’s all in how you use it and what security measures you put in place.

Office 365 has a lot of built in security features to keep your company’s data safe. Some of most notable include:

Message Encryption:

This feature allows you to send encrypted email, stopping anyone other than the intended recipient from reading the contents of your email.

Encryption works no matter which email service the recipient uses.

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)

ATA uses analytics and machine learning to detect and alert you to suspicious activity straight away.

ATA has built-in intelligence to learn, analyse, and identify normal and suspicious users or devices, keeping you updated in real-time.

Mobile Device Management

This feature helps you secure and manage Office on employees’ mobile devices to protect private company info.  You can create and manage device security policies, remotely wipe a device, and view detailed device reports. Perfect to keep your company data safe, no matter where it goes.

Data Loss Prevention

This monitors emails and prevents sensitive information from leaving your organisation.

When enabled, all emails to and from an organization are scanned for information such as credit card, passport or social security numbers.

Office 365 offers some clear advantages for business, whether you need to boost your collaborative abilities, improve productivity or ensure your data stays secure. From online meetings to sharing documents to business-class email, Office 365 delivers solutions that go way beyond the installed version of Microsoft Office.

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