We have compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions our clients have asked us over the years, on this page. You’ll find most of the questions you have about getting and using Sage Pastel Accounting, Payroll and Business Management Software right here, and if not, there’s a form at the bottom of this page you can fill in and ask us!

Can I purchase Sage Pastel without paying that costly once off amount?

Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage, Sage Pastel Partner Advantage and Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Advantage can all be bought on a monthly subscription without paying a costly once off amount and a yearly renewal. The monthly subscription covers all the updates, upgrades, telephonic support and email support. You will never be on an outdated version of your product and will always be supported.

What should I get, Sage Pastel Xpress or Partner?

It’s very easy to get confused between the two, but here are the basics; with both you get unlimited companies, but with Xpress you get a maximum of 3 users, whereas with Partner you get a maximum of 20 users.

Xpress modules available: Debtors manager, Point of Sale, Bank manager and Business Intelligence Centre
Partner modules available: Bills of material, debtors manager, GL Manager, Multi currency, Multi warehousing, Point of sale, Project tracker, Receipting, Business Intelligence Centre, serial number tracking, Time and Billing and Bank manager

Some other feature differences that Xpress does NOT support, but Partner does, includes:

  • Tax adjustment wizard
  • Separate set of document numbers for each user
  • Post-dated transactions
  • General Ledger Consolidations
  • Delivery addresses – Xpress 1, Partner unlimited
  • Customer Price assistant
  • Supplier automatic payment batches
  • Additional cost invoice per supplier
  • Price lists – Xpress 3, Partner 10
  • Start and end date for special prices

This would be the main differences between Xpress and Partner in a nutshell. I hope this makes the choice easier!