We are a Leading Sage Business Partner in South Africa

We are Preferred Solutions: A Leading and Certified Sage Business Partner in South Africa, recently awarded the Top Sage Business Partner (Revenue) in South Africa for 2018. Providing innovative solutions for your business has been our main concern since 1991.

You need a complete business solution and Preferred Solutions specialise in just that. All Your Accounting, Payroll, IT Infrastructure, E-Commerce and Accounting-related Training requirements can all be met by our well-trained team of professionals.

Whether you are a start-up, a growing business or a large corporate, we have a solution for you! We would like you to join the ranks of our over 5000 unique clients, to supply your business with the preferred solutions it deserves. Speak to us for expert advice.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to be the choice provider of accounting software and business management software solutions in South Africa; to significantly benefit our clients’ businesses by providing sound advice and expert support delivered by our team of trained and experienced professionals.

A word from our directors

Rico Ferreira - Managing Director

I started my career in the accounting reseller/consulting industry in 2000 after 14 years in the corporate environment, in different financial positions.  

My dedication and passion to do business in the right way and commitment to work hard, smart and always give a service that benefit the customer has been key factors in the success of Preferred Solutions. Additionally, investing in top class staff and not being afraid to trust, delegate and train these individuals, has been the cornerstones of expanding the business and build excellent relationships with our clients.

My personal beliefs when doing business is to be honest in all things and not make money the ultimate goal. Do not sell your values. Be fair, but also take a stand when necessary. Take responsibility for whatever task you must perform and do your best.

My advice for clients looking at accounting software/installations is to invest in the future. View your financial and management software as tools that can save you money and make you sleep better at night. Don’t sell your future awards for a small saving now.

To summarise Preferred Solutions in a few words: The name Preferred Solutions is synonymous with value and values.


I have been in the accounting reseller/consulting industry since 1996, coming from a financial software background including Syspro.

I believe that a hands-on approach and project management for large contracts has made a large impact on the business, but nothing would have been possible without my team of consultants delivering excellent work and putting in long hours of work to ensure delivery of the products to our valued clients.

Preferred Solutions is successful because of the people who work here, our team of experts. We are able to adapt to market and industry changes, due to our excellent in-house and ad hoc training sessions and a support network from senior staff to oversee larger challenges.

My approach to doing business is simple: I believe in integrity and blatant honesty. Keeping an open channel of communication with our clients and staff alike is of utmost importance. Proper planning is also essential to making any project work efficiently and within deadline.

My advice to potential clients looking new accounting software and installations is to do your homework. Ensure you comprehensively compare like-to-like products that can get the job done like it should; do not only look at price and basic information. Make an informed decision.

To summarise Preferred Solutions in a few words: We are the people who work for us.

Sally Roux - Operations Director