Chapter 6 - A Glitch In The Matrix

Remember Y2K? The world was going to end…

Here’s an interesting thought experiment. You know that the technological and societal demise of the human race is immanent. Your time in a “normal” world is limited before chaos and anarchy become the supreme governing factors of this new dark age. What do you do? Do you build a bunker and start stockpiling? Do you cower in fear, merely waiting for the darkness to take you? Or do you buy a leather jacket and practice your Mel Gibson impression to prepare for the Thunderdome you are about to enter? Turns out, none of these were the right answer. Could’ve fooled me, the leather jacket thing didn’t sound like a bad idea.

In and around 1997/1998, with Y2K right on the doorstep, two little birds flew from the Preferred Solutions nest. These two birds flew far and wide before settling to build their own little nest called Exact Consulting. During their flight, they added two more to their flock and built a business that they could be proud of. We’ll hear more about these folks in a while, so keep them in the back of your mind as we go.

With the 90s coming to a close, Preferred Solutions did their very best to prepare everyone for the “Year 2000 Problem”. Many people in the technological world were worried that the change from the year 1999 to 2000 would have unexpected and possibly even catastrophic side effects that could bring this fairly infantile industry to a screeching halt. But this was not to be. One or two funny time travelling bugs occured, like going to sleep on the 31st of December 1999 and waking up in the distant past of the 1st of January 1900; nothing a quick trip in a Delorian or a visit to H.G. Wells’ house couldn’t fix. And with the formative years in the rear view mirror, Preferred Solutions could really start to grow. Next stop, iPods, Backstreet Boys and flip flops.