Chapter 5 - An Unexpected Journey

A first-person narrative: a mode of storytelling in which a storyteller recounts events from their own point of view. Generally not a very reliable point of view, as the protagonist can be biased to some degree, but it is relatable as the protagonist is wont to be. So let me take a leaf out of Gandalf’s book and invite you on an unexpected journey.

Now what perspective does a child have on a business? Not very much to be honest. I mean, it’s the place your parents go to while you’re at school. Maybe you’d be taken to the office once in a while on an off day so you can wander around between the fairly stale office people that you’re not allowed to bother because they’re always busy. You know, the standard affair. That wasn’t my experience. Imagine this, a little kid wandering around the office getting to know the spectrum of individuals around. There’s the pale guy at the back that fixes the computers that lets you play games on one of them while he fiddles with a CPU fan making a weird noise. Then there’s the guy that answers the phone, sells anything and everything to anyone vaguely interested (Dad says he makes really bad coffee.) What about the lady in the leopard-print unitard that is always smiling and keeps raspberry candy in her top drawer? A menagerie of characters that make up the ecosystem that exists inside an office building.

But the point of this whole story is this: I never experienced Preferred Solutions as being the place where my mother and father went every day that took precious time from us that could be spent differently. I didn’t see it as this clinical and depressing factory that sucked the joy from the lives of those working there. I saw it as I see it now, a building full of real people with real character and personality. Family, friends, weirdos and freaks but real people giving their time and energy towards a greater good. Believe it or not, that’s the truth. My first-person narrative, if you will. Probably why I started working here and writing this stuff. They say, write what you know. But let’s get back to the story…