Chapter 3 - Old MacDonald Had A Diesel Tractor

While the day to day of a business carries it year after year, growing and expanding as time goes by, the most memorable moments come from the massive, ground-breaking projects that change the field as we know it. Now, some of you might know Engen Petroleum, you know, the guys that supply a decent part of the fuel used in Sub-Saharan Africa. Yeah, that Engen. In 1997, Pastel Accounting was adapted by Preferred Solutions for the Engen Depots to manage their bulk diesel sales to many farming communities. I know it’s a mouthful but I kinda needed to set the scene ok. Now for the story you came for. A returning character, Sally Roux, appears on the stage again. Let’s look at her experiences with this gargantuan project. 

Her adventure starts with a journey across the width and breadth of South Africa, visiting a wide range of farming communities for this project. From the sweltering heat and mosquito clouds of Empangeni to the frigid fields of Queenstown, Sally visited and demonstrated the capabilities of the Pastel product and the clever implementation plans of Preferred Solutions to the agricultural circles of many, many towns. 

But the best of the best tale would come from the Engen Conference in the Drakensberg. Sally was invited to present the amazing synergy that Pastel provided in the management of bulk diesel in the agricultural industry. She was very excited to present her demonstration to the large collection of farmers and professionals that had gathered. One issue presented itself though. The celebration of the previous evening had extended into the wee hours of the morning, and her demo was scheduled for 8 AM. And as the farmers begrudgingly collected themselves for the demo that morning, Sally opened her demo with the following video at an obscene volume. I’ll let you experience it for yourself. Their faces twisted in various states of auditory agony must have been a sight to behold.

Jokes aside though, Sally experienced some of the best people South Africa had to offer. These hospitable and salt-of-the-earth individuals made her feel like family every time she set foot on their soil. A true testament to the unique way of life we as South Africans treasure so very much.