Chapter 2 - A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I know you folks have mixed feelings about prequels. But I assure you, this will be good, trust me. It all starts round about the time when Preferred Solutions first came to the scene, with a twenty-something couple stepping out of a beat-up golden Jetta onto the fynbos flats of the Cape Peninsula. One of these lost souls was a man known as Rico Ferreira (he’d become pretty involved with this whole Preferred Solutions and Pastel business soon by the way), an aspiring accountant ready to start putting down roots in the Mother City. We’ll be following his origin story for a bit, so hold on.

Rico starts his peninsural adventure as the guy that counts the cans at the canning factory. Now, there are many cans in a canning factory, big cans, small cans, family-sized cans and little batchelor-sized cans. Needless to say, there was a fair amount of work to do. Building up his experience in the accounting industry, Rico worked real hard to take care of his wife, Wilna, and a little grey alien of a baby they had at some point during this whole business (that’s me by the way so I’m allowed to insult myself.) But, as the first of a few unfortunate workplace events that would befall him, Rico was forced to find a new place of employment when the canning place went pear shaped. 

From cans we got to milk as his next job was working out exactly how much your dairy products cost. Milk, cheese, yogurt, you name it. Everything had a neatly placed price tag on it at the end of the day. In and among that, and don’t tell him I told you this, but Rico tried his hand at some detective sleuthing when he solved the Great Mystery of Who Has Been Stealing the Café’s Petty Cash. Great investigative work, I assure you. Maybe that’s why I quite enjoy Sherlock Holmes.

From there we go right to the bottom of the barrel. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to dispose of your weekly generation of garbage? Neither have I, but it turns out someone has to sit and calculate that. I’ll give you a wild guess who had that job. So, with 14 years of accounting experience under his belt, Rico joked to one of his friends at Preferred Solutions: “Listen, if you ever have space for an accountant, I know a guy.” And lo and behold, guess what happens to the garbage place? It goes straight to the dump. Who could have guessed?

However, with adversity comes opportunity, that’s why they rhyme. Jumping a sinking ship, Rico finally found his home away from home, the warm and open arms of Preferred Solutions. Finally, after trudging through years of cans, cows and claptrap, he had the job where he could grow. And grow he did, but that’s a story for later.