Why should you upgrade from Sage 50cloud to Sage 100

So, you’re being asked the same question again; why should you upgrade your accounting software? The same question that you’ve been asked over and over by every sales person looking to make a target or sell you something that they know you don’t actually need.

But how can an upgrade from Sage 50cloud (formerly Sage Pastel Partner) to Sage 100 (formerly Sage Evolution) really help you? Not the “perceived value” benefit that doesn’t really do anything in the long run, how can an upgrade give you a tangible increase in productivity?

Well, as a start an upgrade to Sage 100 removes many limiters placed on the less powerful products. Functionalities like Cash Books and Number of Financial Years are unlimited in Sage 100 contrary to the set amount available in Sage 50cloud or Sage Pastel Partner. Sage 100 also sports a more stable database with an upgrade to the Database Manager, from Pervasive to Microsoft SQL. And as an added bonus to businesses that manage large items or quantities of inventory items from invoicing to on premise deliveries can now easily manage their processes from dispatch to the customer with the added Delivery Management Module.

Finally, everyone could use something free in these difficult and expensive times. Modules like Multi-Currency, Time and Billing, Bank Manager and more are available as standard in Sage 100 where they are extra purchases in Sage 50cloud or Sage Pastel Partner.

So no, this isn’t your standard sales pitch to sell you something that is the same thing you have now, just more expensive. An upgrade to Sage 100 can significantly increase your business’ effectiveness, turn-around-time and productivity. Now to ask yourself…why haven’t I upgraded to Sage 100?

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