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One of the first factories in the world was the Lombe’s Mill, the first successful silk throwing mill in England. Built in 1721, the mill employed some 300 people, and in a time where a 64-year lease was sold for a mere £2,800, Payroll was run by a few men in powdered wigs. But Payroll was far from formal and such an archaic, manual practise has no place in the modern world. That is why we at Preferred Solutions support Sage Pastel Payroll.

But why should you be running the Sage Pastel Payroll software? Where do we start listing all the benefits? Sage Pastel Payroll will offer you all the advantages you have come to expect from this trusted brand. It is a SARS compliant solution ideal for the growing businesses who need a comprehensive payroll solution. Your tax submissions and EMP201/EMP501 returns are simple, your payslips are customisable and there is smooth General Ledger (GL) integration with Sage Pastel Accounting. And the mobile services allow employees to make use of the mobile app to access payslips and leave balances.

That means you can enjoy more flexible processing methods for managing larger sets of data. The cloud-based Self-service portal allows for online data storage, workflow and approval, and data sync between cloud and desktop. All these benefits make Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Advantage the next important step in ensuring the success of your business and an invest in an affordable, automated payroll solution.

Need even more convincing? Have a look at this convenient list of features we have provided for your viewing:

  • Process weekly, fortnightly and monthly paid employees with ease.
  • Make SARS submissions for multiple companies with multiple databases a breeze with consolidated reporting.
  • Self Service Advantage links your organisation’s multiple payroll companies into one Self Service portal – empower your employees to access their secure online profile, submit travel claims and manage their leave. Capture assets on your staff’s profiles which will notify you when it needs to be returned. With Cloud HR, certain HR functions are taken directly to each line manager and empowers them to manage their staff directly. This includes online data capture, manager access to staff records in the cloud, distribution of HR related forms online with built-in workflow and approval, as well as email notifications.
  • Bulk Terminations and Reinstatements makes it easy to dismiss or re-employ multiple employees at once – especially useful if you employ seasonal or project-based employees.
  • Four feature-rich additional modules give you a complete range of tools that add value to your payroll processes:
  1. Human Resources Management– an easy-to-use desktop HR System for human resource managers, suitable for any size and type of business.
  2. Salary Structuring– simplifies the task of structuring a Total-Cost-To-Company remuneration package for each employee.
  3. Multiple Transactions Manager– complete more than one task easily, from only one screen.
  4. Third Party Payments– disburse company deductions or contributions, like medical aids or pension funds, with the click of a button.

For more information contact us at Preferred Solutions and join the Payroll elite now, you can also read more here: https://prefsol.co.za/sage-pastel-partner-payroll-advantage/

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