What Sage SMS can do for your business

James C. Humes, the author and former presidential speechwriter said: “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” And communication in business is of utmost importance. Sage is providing a new communication solution with Sage SMS, built in partnership with Sage Pastel Software.

Sage SMS enables you to send messages to your customers and suppliers, as well as all the people in your Outlook and custom lists, directly from inside your Sage Pastel Accounting

Essentially, a whole new form of communication is opening up. No need for expensive GSM modem equipment, custom written software or anything other than your Sage Pastel Accounting system and a connection to the Internet.

Why use Sage SMS? Each time you pick up the phone to contact your customer or supplier Sage SMS could have saved you money, both in terms of the cost of the call, and your time spent. Instead of calling all your customers one by one to request payment at the end of the month, why not send all your customers a personalised message requesting payment of a specific amount or an instant message detailing your latest promotion. Sending an SMS from within your software will allow your customer or supplier to receive and act on your request within seconds, significantly reducing the time and follow up effort required.

Sage SMS is vastly superior to emails. Cell-phones are far more pervasive in society than PC’s. Only desk-jockeys can constantly monitor emails. Cell-phones are a personal contact mechanism and contact through them is far more likely to elicit a response.

So why not save yourself time and money. Try Sage SMS today. Contact us at Preferred Solutions and we’ll have you in touch with your customers and suppliers in no time at all. If you would like to read more, you can do so HERE

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