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Bill is an aspiring business owner who has achieved reasonable success over the past few years. Now Bill has been stuck in his ways which worked in the previous decades and has knowledge passed down by a very successful businessman, his father. Bill realized that he needs to be open-minded in order to keep up with the accelerating pace of the ever-changing marketplace. He reluctantly attended a seminar, where he heard the term “Business Intelligence” thrown around as if somehow he was expected to know what it meant. Bill decided to find out just exactly how Business Intelligence is supposed to benefit his business as the seminar claimed. Unbeknown to him at the time, what he discovered would drastically improve his business.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Definition: It is the ability to accumulate, organise and analyse data from multiple sources. BI accesses information in a timely manner, then puts it into a useable format, providing insight for people across the organization to collaborate and make better business decisions, which gives the company a competitive edge.

Many business owners are not even aware of its existence. They continue to struggle not knowing why or rely on costly, hardware-intensive solutions. Let’s have a look at this fantastic business tool.

What does Sage Intelligence Reporting do exactly?

Business Intelligence allows you to easily analyse multiple data sources of different types and sizes, even when analysing dozens of tables and millions of rows of information. With BI report writing you can easily manage complex data models using Sage Intelligence Reporting. There are a variety of reports available to you out of the box, but customised business intelligence reports to your unique needs is where Sage Intelligence Reporting really shines!

Because it takes your specifications and requirements, and with help of an experienced Sage Intelligence Report Writer, you are then able to transform your idea into a customized report able to reflect the precise information you need to make that important decision. Whether it is sales figures for specific items, sorted according to customer or preferred supplier, or individualized inventory / vendor reports… The possibilities are just about endless.

Why do I need business intelligence?

Get a better overall view of your business

Business intelligence takes information from across your business and provides clear, timely, and relevant reporting that improves your overall view of your business health, empowers you to take meaningful action, and helps you make informed business decisions.

Improve decision making

Business intelligence puts important business data into an easily digestible format and gets the right information to the right people when they need it, paving the way for true collaboration and faster, smarter decisions.

Drive profitability

Business intelligence can provide a clear view of how your customer relationships, product mix, marketing efforts, and salespeople affect profitability to transform your bottom line and create a competitive advantage.

Streamline reporting

Business intelligence pulls data directly from your existing ERP solution and delivers business-critical information on demand in real time.

Who uses Sage Intelligence Reporting?

Sage Intelligence Reporting benefits any person or department that prepares business reports, analyses information, and makes business decisions. For many companies, that’s most of your organization. Here’s a quick look at how Sage Intelligence Reporting helps your team:

  • Finance and Accounting:Design advanced financial reports and offer strategic advice
  • Management:Assess company performance at a glance through real-time dashboards and custom reports
  • Sales:Access real-time sales reports and drill down into specific transactions
  • Marketing:Track what is (or is not) selling and make meaningful adjustments
  • Operations:Monitor key performance indicators with targeted real-time reporting
  • Customer Service:Track outcomes and call volume patterns for staffing purposes

What does Sage Intelligence Reporting offer?

Sage Intelligence Reporting is a flexible, Excel-based reporting tool that gives users access to data across the organization. Based on the familiar Microsoft Excel application, Sage Intelligence empowers you to quickly and easily get information from across your business, improving visibility into your organization and enabling better decision-making

How our Sage Intelligence / BIC Report Writers here at Preferred Solutions can help you!

Here at Preferred Solutions, we understand that your business environment often changes. We listen to your challenges and design solutions with the sole-purpose of delivering measurable value and results. In other words, we listen to your needs, add just a touch of what you want and transform it into an effective report(s), charts, graphs or dashboards. Results that are easy to use and has a powerful impact on the success of your business.

For more information or to speak to one of our expert Sage Intelligence Report Writers, please phone us on 021 840 2620 or fill out the form on our Contact Page.

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