Sage Pastel Payroll Receives an Updated Look – Here are the Differences

A New Look, Same Powerful Features

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR 2017 Update 4 will introduce a new look to payroll with new icons and a few enhancements. We have composed an easy guide in order to easily identify the new icons and their purpose. This provides a comprehensive comparison between old and new icons.

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Payroll Toolbar

On the main toolbar, when logging into payroll, the following icons will be visible. It is important to note that the functionality of these icons has not changed. The processing can be done as before.

Edit Toolbar

Sage Pastel also updated the Edit toolbars. For example, when going to Edit > Employee Masterfile. These are some of the icons you can expect.

Process Toolbar

Sage Pastel also updated the Process toolbar. A typical example of this, is when navigating to Process > Payslips.

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