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What’s New in Sage Pastel Xpress and Partner Advantage Version 17?

Sage Pastel has officially released Version 17 of Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage and Partner Advantage; it is not only an update in name and number, but also an updated user-interface and added functionality. The new version is filled to the brim with innovative features to make your life at work a little easier. Let’s have a look at what this new version offers:


New User Interface

The look and feel of Version 17 has been updated with new icons and a slight change of layout to bring it more in line with the modern interface of current operating systems. The menus are being kept simplistic and it is still easy to find everything you might be looking for in a few simple clicks.

Below is a screenshot of the Version 17 dashboard, compared to the Version 14 dashboard pictured directly underneath it.





In-Program Live Chat

Why send an email or pick up the phone if you can contact to a support consultant directly from the program? It is as easy as clicking on the Live Chat link on the user panel and entering your message into the content area. Please note: This feature is currently only available in South Africa.




Forms Assistant

Now you can create professional looking, customised documents and statements with the easy-to-use Forms Assistant. You can use the Forms Assistant feature to choose a colour template, add your company logo and finalise your selection.


E-Learning Platform

You can now access the E-Learning Platform directly from the user interface to view available training modules and courses to improve your skills on your Pastel product. Easy as that!




Adding Favourites

You can now add your favourite or frequently-used Pastel options for easy access, and arrange them by level of importance. Each user can save up to 15 different favourites. Favourites can be specified as Customers, Suppliers or Inventory.


More Information

For an in-depth report on the new features, updates and new user interface, click here.


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