Sage Pastel Accounting

Why your business needs Sage Pastel Accounting

Why you need Sage Pastel Accounting

As a new or existing business owner, managing your business correctly is one of the most important aspects for growth, correct administration and tracking your financial activity. It comes as no surprise that proper accounting software is key to your business. With so many options out there, and many of the accounting software promising functionality and compliance that they cannot deliver, it is the wise decision to consider the leader of accounting software in South Africa – Sage Pastel - who has a direct and integral relationship with the South African Revenue Services.

Why use Sage Pastel Accounting software?

1) You never need to worry about SARS compliance again
As mentioned above, all Sage Pastel Accounting and Payroll software complies strictly to SARS requirements and ensures all updates and tax changes are pushed into the accounting software. This is essential to do your accounting correctly, from VAT calculations or Payroll activity such as PAYE deductions and UIF. You can trust that Sage Pastel will always have the current requirements embedded on the system.

2) All transactions gets captured in a General Ledger
Ensure that your financial activity balances with the General Ledger in Sage Pastel Accounting. You can easily identify if there are errors in your accounts and search for the problem. No more manual balance sheets needed, it all happens in the accounting system.

3) Dedicated Support and Consulting
We are available to help when you have challenges with your accounting software or have difficulty working on it. With a dedicated Sage Pastel Support Call Center, we are ready to take your call when you are in need. For more complicated issues and troubleshooting, we have experienced Sage Pastel consultants available to provide remote on on-site support. Whatever your Sage Pastel challenge, we can assist.

4) Get an overview of your business easily
Why spend days and hours to do a manual report on your business? Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting (BIC) automates this process so you can spend your time analysing the information and not wasting time on compiling it. You can use the standard reports templates provided, design your own reports or ask us to write complicated report formats. All reports run in Microsoft Excel and updates straight from your Sage Pastel accounting software.

5) Sage Pastel Accounting on your phone
Sage Pastel has a new mobile app allowing users to look up details for a customer and inventory details. You can also process quotes and do sales orders right on the spot while at your customers. It all synchronises with the accounting system at the office!

6) Import and reconcile your bank statements automatically
Forget about capturing your bank statements with a printed statement and a ruler to keep track of each transaction … Sage Pastel Bank Manager with Automatic Bank Feeds is there to save the day. Simplify your accounting process by importing your bank statements straight from your online banking profile, saving loads of time.

7) Add-on modules to suit your specific industry
Sage Pastel Accounting has various add-on modules to suit your business needs and specific industry. Tell us about your business processes and needs, and we will recommend the best Sage Pastel modules or 3rd party product (which integrates with Sage Pastel software) to make your entire business and accounting process a seamless experience.

It is easy to see that Sage Pastel Accounting software provides various benefits for your business. Trust Preferred Solutions to give you the best advice on a suitable Sage Pastel accounting package, addressing your unique business needs. Simply give our sales office a call on 021 840 2620 and one of our sales consultants will be ready to assist.

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