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The information your web designer needs to build an effective website

What information your website developer needs

Meet Joe. Joe had an ultra-modern website he was very proud of. But that was 2005. These days, not many people visit his site. And those that do don’t stay very long. So Joe decides to get a web developer to build a new website for him. But what does Joe have to give his web developer? Let’s have a look.

When creating a website for your business, you want the best return on investment possible. But you need a developer to build it for you because you don’t have the time or the know-how to build it yourself. So you find yourself a respectable developer to build your pride and joy. You tell him exactly what you want and how you want it. But is that enough?

Websites are repositories of information, and they require a lot of it to function to the best of their abilities. But where do you start? What kind of information does a developer need to build your vision? Let’s find out.

Product Definition

Firstly, you need a product definition. This is the first step on your way to your website. This is where the client and developer discuss what’s required. Some established businesses may already have a clear idea of what they want. New or small businesses on the other hand, do not have a clear definition of what they want at this stage. Business and website goals have to be established. Explain your business, your values and your vision. What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to reach? Who are your clients? Answering these questions will help the developer to understand what your website has to say to the public.

A discussion on features and specifications is in order. You’ll need to discuss the technical aspects of your requirements. Do you want features like a blog, podcast or video series? What about social media channels or active communities? These features give more details and uses to your website.

Content sourcing is the final part of your product definition. Your logo, company information, images and videos are essential parts of your website. Making them available to your developer will make the creative process so much easier and faster.

Research and Planning

The next step is planning. This usually involves quite a bit of research and brainstorming sessions to outline the ideas and concepts for the website. Factors like target audience, designs, colours, templates and content must be set so they can be added to the website. These factors influence your website’s success on the Internet. Making your website attractive to users and potential clients can make these successes even more. And to house these parts, your architecture and page layout is your next milestone. Deciding on the frame of your website, allows the developer to slot your content into your desired framework.


And finally you need to do the fun bit. The design. The colour scheme, visual elements and media makes your website visually attractive to your clients. Design effectively changes from art to science. The science of the visual impact on the viewer and the emotions evoked by it. Giving your developer this information gives the developer the means to build your website like you want it.

With all this information, you can make the job of a developer so much easier. And a happy developer makes a better website. So treat your developer right and he’ll make your vision a reality.

We at Preferred Solutions provide a comprehensive web development service that we can customize to suit your needs. So, if you’re looking for a web developer to have a look at your website or to design a new one for you, drop us a line and we’ll make your vision come true.

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