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Understanding the need for a mobile-friendly website

Understanding the need for a mobile-friendly website

In recent months mobile friendly has become a very important part of website development, design and marketing. On the 21st of April 2015, Google unleashed the "Mobilegeddon", the new Google algorithm that heavily prioritises websites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices. Non-mobile friendly websites are penalized by Google and are moved down the search results scale. But what can we do to make our websites mobile friendly? Let’s have a look.

Firstly, what is a mobile friendly website? A mobile friendly website can conform to mobile devices and can display and operate properly. Some of the elements are:

* Navigation that has been simplified and clearly laid out to make page or post selection easy
* Design elements that can be compressed, replaced or removed to simplify usage
* Content that has been laid out to allow for mobile consumption
* Phone numbers that are set up for click-to-call functionality
* Addresses that are set up to use the device’s map functionality
* Calls-to-action that are set up to work with simple forms or the device’s email functionality

Non-mobile friendly websites have some of the following characteristics:

- Viewing the website requires a lot of scrolling before any navigation or content is seen
- Navigation, calls to action and other parts of the content are too small to click on with your finger without hitting multiple options at the same time
- Viewing the website requires zooming out or zooming in constantly
- Clicking on phone numbers and addresses doesn’t do anything
- Trying to fill out, or even view, form fields is very difficult or almost impossible

Now that we’ve determined what mobile friendly websites look or don’t look like, what can we do to make our websites conform?

Well, the website has to use responsive design. The website has to use flexible layouts that change as the media you use to view it changes. That means the images have to scale to the screen, the font sizes have to change, buttons have to be easier to press and similar changes have to occur. A user-friendly content management system (CMS), like WordPress, can do most of these things.

We at Preferred Solutions provide a comprehensive service for your website needs. We can assist you in building your own website or we can even build it for you. We comply with all the algorithms Google uses and your website will be completely mobile friendly. Contact us for any of your website needs.

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