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Helpful Tips on Creating Quality Content for Your Website

Writing good quality content for your website

Websites are all about providing content for internet users to read. Content is an asset to your business and can establish the credibility of your company. Well-written and structured content can make a big difference to a user’s experience on your site.

It is not difficult to write content for a website, although some people find it a bit overwhelming. Relax! All that is needed is a good plan, knowledge of the product / service and following some simple guidelines.

Good content for a website:

- Attracts site visitors
- Focuses on the visitors and their experience
- Sparks interest from the visitors
- Draws visitors deeper into your site
- Is easy to find
- Is easy to navigate
- Provides useful, relevant information or answers questions
- Drives action from the user (click-throughs to other pages or submitting a request)
- Delivers new knowledge

The create good quality content you should follow a golden rule: Less is more. Too much information can confuse users and can cause them to leave your website before navigating any further (what you want them to do). This also means that your website’s home page, or any landing page for that matter, should be concise and contain only the relevant information necessary for the user to have “just enough” information to continue to the next page or action. Further details should be kept at lower levels (secondary pages) of your website.

It is common to find that the hardest part of writing content is simply to get started. Do not fret – all of us has been there! An easy starting point is to think about what the purpose of your website is and also the outcome you want from it. For instance: You want the user to ultimately buy a product, book a service or fill out a contact form. With the aforementioned knowledge, you can get a good idea what to write about.

Another starting point would be to write down a list of keywords you think the internet user or potential customer would search for when browsing the web. Someone looking to improve the security at their home and business premises will most probably use the keywords “Safety improvements”, “alarm systems” or “CCTV cameras”. A business offering this type of service would be encourage to use these terms in their website content. What kind of products or services do you offer? Make a quick list to use.

Planning out a sitemap is also an excellent idea. A sitemap is basically a “family tree” of content, each section having a main branch (idea / topic) stemming out to smaller subsections. Creating a map of where you would like to put certain categories / topics of content can help you to understand the content requirements; and additionally determine where you need new or elaborated content.

It is also a good idea to test your article on a friend or a colleague. Tell them what it is you want to achieve, and let them read the article to give you feedback with that criteria in mind. Collaborating with others can help with the editing and reviewing process. Getting a second or third opinion, and valuable input, is a fantastic way to shape and refine your content.

It is also a great idea to get some guidance on writing good quality content if you are just starting out, or looking to improve your existing website content. Learning what the best practice is, and how to implement it, can assist you to build your confidence for future content development tasks.

We at Preferred Solutions can help you with your content development or content revision processes. We have the necessary experience and skills to help you understand the principles of good content, the importance of identifying keywords and writing with the end-user’s experience in mind. Contact us to discuss your requirements – we are ready to assist and are excited to join you on your content development journey.

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