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The correct computer hardware is essential to run business software effectively

With the struggling economy and cost-saving being an essential part of any business, running a business effectively still requires having the proper software in place to manage processes such and quoting, invoicing and stock management. In many cases, it is often overlooked that the software requires a certain specification of hardware to operate fluently and at full-function.

When upgrading your software, your service provider may also inform you that a hardware upgrade is recommended - yet when the cost of upgrading bothelements are calculated, we try to let the software run on the current (under-powered) hardware since there is nothing wrong with the hardware to begin with. Well, this seems to be the common perception - and is largely incorrect.

The effect of a system and software mismatch

Installing new software on an under-powered and outdated system result in sluggish performance, advanced functions not being able to work properly and the software crashing or not working. The first call of action from the client to the provider is that the software must be faulty or not properly set up, overlooking the simple fact that a recommended hardware was not purchased due to the cost impact.

The time and cost to get support to remedy the situation is always a costly exercise and negatively affects the customer experience due to their own negligence. While most software suites may be perfectly suitable for your current hardware, advanced software suites such as accounting software or design software must have access to high capability hardware to get the job done like it should.

Cost-saving vs. Productivity and Functionality

Think about it this way: Why do you require advanced, cutting-edge software? Functionality and performance. To have this advanced functionality, these software suites come at a higher cost… So why would it be fitting on outdated hardware? This is why your service provider will inform you that a hardware upgrade is required with the new software. Minimum and recommended requirements are stated on software description for this very reason.

Advanced software running on the correct hardware is less prone to errors and slow performance which improves productivity. In a world where time equals money, productivity is most probably the most important aspect in any workplace to have a good turnover and be profitable.

Proper information is of key importance

Preferred Solutions strongly advises to consult our IT experts to ensure that you have the correct hardware setup in order for your software to run optimally. It might incur some cost yet on the long run it will be worth every cent to avoid unnecessary software issues and after-sales troubleshooting. Contact us to speak to one of our friendly IT experts for more information and gain insight on how to optimize your software and hardware combination.

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