10 Great Benefits of Using a Sage Payroll solution

Payroll software has one main purpose: To ensure your employees get paid their salaries for the work completed in the specified period, be it monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Capturing all the details to pay out salaries correctly can however become quite technical depending on your employees’ salary structures. The beauty of a proper payroll system is that it can be set up to capture multiple facets contributing to salaries, to make life easier for the payroll staff.


The other critical purpose of payroll software is to keep your business compliant with SARS regulations and requirements. You want to be sure that each payment made is correct. You would require a payroll system that updates regularly with the latest regulations.

Most payroll systems also come with a built-in HR system – or it can be added as an optional extra. It provides a central place to manage staff records, leave management and other necessary information of your workforce.

The payroll software and systems offered by Sage has been trusted in South Africa for decades. It is the leading payroll solution for businesses in the country. From a small business to large corporation, Sage Payroll offers a solution that can fit your specific needs.


Here are 10 benefits of using a Sage Payroll solution:

  1. Pay staff accurately and on time with great speed, efficiency & confidence. With the latest SARS legislation you can be confident that PAYE deduction and UIF are done accurately without manual intervention.
  2. Generate accurate and professional payslips. Sage payslips are widely recognised, standardised and accepted as a legit proof of income at all institutions in South Africa.
  3. Minimise the chance of human error. Sage Payroll automatically calculates the correct amounts for salaries, and runs the payroll at these amounts for the consecutive payment periods if no change of salary is recorded.
  4. Calculate various transactions with minimum effort – bonus, leave pay, medical, pension, benefits. Simply add the transaction type when necessary, and payroll calculates the rest.
  5. Automate certain tasks, such as statutory submission and year end reporting. Submit your monthly or yearly reports to SARS or Department of Labour at the click of the button. All Sage Payroll submissions are recognised and accepted by the different government departments.
  6. Remove the need to understand complex legislation. Sage Payroll does the necessary transaction for you – you do not need in-depth knowledge of each legal process or requirement to action this manually. Simply select the correct transaction, and Sage Payroll does the rest.
  7. Provide additional analysis to make payroll information more useful. Do reports with breakdowns of salaries per department, branch etc to give essential information for business decisions. Job Costing analysis can be linked to departments, divisions, individuals etc.
  8. Use payroll reports to plan future costs. Use reports to plan your budgets for future, perform cost analysis and salary expenditure. Perfect for seasonal industries and companies with peak periods.
  9. Store payroll data in a secure, easily accessible system. All your historic data and reports are easily accessible right from the main interface. No need to manual file your records, which promotes a paperless environment.
  10. No need for additional software to store personnel or leave records. Each employee has a masterfile on Sage Payroll with the essential information required for the employer (e.g. banking details, address, contact details), as well as leave records.

What Payroll Solutions does Sage offer me?

Sage Business Cloud Payroll (entry-level)

Perfect, cloud-based option for a small business with a handful of employees needing payslips and basic payroll functionality. Pay only for the payslips you issue.


Sage Pastel Payroll Advantage (mid-level)

Trusted by thousands of businesses in South Africa, this desktop-based payroll software has a complete payroll & HR solution. Advanced additional options available. 


Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

A comprehensive cloud-based payroll solution with flexibility and scalability. Add on the advanced modules you need to perfectly suit your large business/ workforce.