Why Accounting Software?

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Accounting Software seems to be a misunderstood animal in the business world. Many people consider it an optional add-on or an unnecessary expenditure. They would be wrong. So very wrong. Your accounting software can be a complete business solution that goes so much further than just telling you if you’re making money or not. Let’s […]

Sage Pastel Accounting and Payroll Training

Work more effectively – Get Sage Pastel Accounting and Payroll Training

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As a business owner or payroll manager you need to have the best software packages available to make your job as easy as possible. It is also important that you –or your staff – knows how to correctly use the accounting software. Working effectively on any accounting system requires some practice and knowledge. Preferred Solutions […]

Sage Pastel Accounting for small businesses

Finding the Correct Accounting Software for your Small Business

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If you are responsible for running your company’s bookkeeping and HR, you will know just how important it is to have the right accounting of payroll software available. This means you will be able to have an automated system that can not only keep track of all your transactions, but also calculate your employees’ payroll […]