Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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ICB Accreditation

What does the ICB do?

The ICB offers qualifications that will prepare you for a career in bookkeeping. Their courses are offered all over Southern Africa and the ICB exams are of the highest quality.


Preferred Solutions Training Centre offers students the following full qualification ICB courses:

  • National Certificate: Bookkeeping (Junior Bookkeeper)
  • FET Certificate: Bookkeeping (Certified Senior Bookkeeper)
  • National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting
  • National Diploma: Certified Financial Accounting


Accreditation Certificates

Please click here to see our accreditation certificate.

Please click here to see our accreditation certificate.

Please click here to see our accreditation certificate.


Preferred Solutions is accredited as a Quality Assurance Partner (QAP) with Fasset, the SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services.

Our accreditation number is QAP/585/008

The main benefit of being accredited as a Quality Assurance Partner by Fasset is quality assurance for customers. Fasset continually monitors the delivery of quality assurance with respect to the courses for which Sage Pastel has been accredited. In addition to the quality assurance provided by Fasset accreditation, training attendees who pass their assessments will gain credits toward a formal qualification and employers will be eligible to claim back the training costs in line with the Skills Development Levy Act.

Please click here to view our QAP Letter of Extension.


Sage Evolution Practitioner

Unit Standard ID Unit Standard Name NQF Level
12989 Make and record payments 5 View
12998 Record income and receipts 5 View
12990 Prepare ledger balances and an initial trial balance 5 View
12995 Maintain financial records and prepare general ledger accounts 5 View


Pastel Partner Intermediate

Unit Standard ID Unit Standard Name NQF Level
114736 Record business financial transactions 5 View
12991 Work with information technology in an accounting environment 6 View
243944 Administer accounts receivable and accounts payable on the system 4 View


Bookkeeper Fundamentals

Unit Standard ID Unit Standard Name NQF Level
13999 Demonstrate an understanding of basic accounting practices 1 View

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